Sep. 30th, 2013

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For some reason, the cat's been being a bit of a dork, over the past couple of days. He's figured out that our new desk is great for sitting on top of. What's not so great is that he chooses to sit directly in front of the computer monitor. This thing is fucking 29 inches. It's a large goddamn monitor. He still manages to sit/stand right in front of it so as to make 3/4s of it entirely opaque.

And he also chases the mouse pointer and attempts to bite at it, but what cat would not do such a thing, when faced with high def mice?

This is probably related to Trav being gone hunting for the week; Simba doesn't have his regular person to bother, so he turns instead to me for shenanigans. (Or Eris, who we're catsitting for my folks. She's even less pleased than me about it.) Goofball.

Also, since Trav is gone and not around to eat delicious baked goods, I of course have urges to bake dozens of cookies. I have already made one batch; two more are in the works. I'll probably end up fobbing most of those off on a LAN party, but, damn. I couldn't get the urge to bake when I could just toss them at Travis's coworkers or something? I need to friggin' find a job; I'd end up being so tired of baking, I'm sure, that it'd solve the problem right well.

I also made a pretty nice olive and pumpkin seed bread last week, but bread is a different animal entirely. I will never not love playing with dough.

We had our week of fall in Vancouver, and winter has duly arrived. It's been rainy and cold since Thursday. And, I mean, cold in the house. This is an entirely new sensation - or at least one not felt since I moved out of my parents'.

The old apartment was entirely populated by old people, or something. S'the only way I can explain why the heaters remained on in the middle of July. We had to wear shorts in January sometimes, and even then were still sweating.

This place does not have this problem. Each room has its own thermostat. Its own thermostat that I can fiddle with and have it be cold or hot at whim! Mostly, so far, it's been cold, but the novelty's wearing off. Maybe I'll turn up the heat a bit tonight so my fingers stop being icicles.

Orrrrr maybe it'll give me that last bit of incentive to finally finish my goddamn Rogue. Maybe. Finally. Or maybe I'll just tear out the arms and re-knit them - again - in the round to make them look nice and not finish the sweater until next year. ...Again. They're rather baggy and long (I needed to make the XL to accomodate chest size, not arm size, apparently), and I unfortunately did the increases in a way that makes them really visible once the sleeves are seamed up.

Each project I finish makes me a better knitter, but, goddamn, it makes Rogue take even longer to get done.


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