Feb. 14th, 2014

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I think? Maybe? I am declaring it done.

Rogue, that is. My last post, I said "...maybe I'll just tear out the arms and re-knit them - again - in the round to make them look nice and not finish the sweater until next year. ...Again."

And this is exactly what ended up happening. Sleeves were ripped and redone (and I have now ended up making a total of five sleeves for this sweater; apparently I am most of an octopus), they are now are not terrible bag-things, and are actually attached to the sweater.

I have been working on this thing for three years. I almost don't know what to do with myself, now.

(...oh wait except I do, since I ordered the yarn for Travis's sweater earlier this week, oops. I have promised that I will have it to him by next January.)

More yarnery )

Pictures tomorrow. Maybe of the Ohm shawl I did, too, just so's I can get something on Ravelry for that.

In other news, my father nearly bit it over the New Years holiday while I was out of town; there were shenanigans involving comas and stupid-high levels of ammonia, among other things. Obviously he is (mostly) better now, but he's still going to end up needing a liver transplant before too long. Still have not processed all my feelings about that particular episode yet; probably will not for a while.


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